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    Our agency has since expanded their coverage through out the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island

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    The real estate industry has changed drastically and is more dynamic than ever.

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    Now you can invest where the market is best and be able to take full advantage without any of the traditional drawbacks such as the cost and expense of travel and all the other extra expenses tied with finding properties outside your resident market.

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Which Market is Right For Your?

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Some of JA “Done For You” clients have a Game Plan that focuses solely on Equity Growth Markets, while others focus solely on Cash Flow Markets.

Most of JA Home Sales “Done For You” clients include properties in both Equity Growth Markets and high positive Cash Flow Markets. Your free financial Game Plan from JA “Done For You” will provide you with the data you need to be able to determine which market is best suited for you.

E Q U I T Y  G R O W T H  M A R K E T S
JA “Done For You” current Equity Growth Markets are in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Orlando since these markets currently display the most ideal circumstances for maximizing equity growth.

In the Equity Growth Markets, potential gains are viewed from the stance of an equity return on investment (ROI). This ROI takes into account how far below rebuild value the house is purchased, the cash flow the house will produce along the way, and the anticipated growth rate of the value of the home itself.

C A S H  F L O W  M A R K E T S
Memphis and Indianapolis are currently JA “Done For You” highest positive Cash Flow Markets. Cash Flow Markets differ from equity Growth Markets in that while the anticipated growth in equity (price) of the home is not as high, the ratio of the cost of the home to the average rent received is quite favorable. High positive Cash Flow Markets are ideal for creating lifetime rental income streams. The best part is that you can spend that monthly income without having to sell or even reduce the value of the asset that’s producing it!

Finding The Best Deals

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Every investor wants the maximum returns for the minimum risk. To assist its clients in their accomplishment of this goal,
JA Home Sales “Done For You” has a nationwide network of professionals combing through multiple sources of real estate opportunities in what we believe are the best markets around the country.

Our team works around the clock, every day of the year. No single individual could possibly match this kind of research power, or master the combined expertise of our team in spotting the “hidden gems” of the real estate market.

After finding a promising property, our experts analyze each and every aspect of it. They analyze the discounted price, property condition, likely rehab costs (if any), rental demand and numerous other factors to help clients determine the property’s possibilities as an investment.

Without this extensive knowledge, investors would have to rely on guesswork or be forced to spend hundreds of hours  researching the properties on their own.

It’s no wonder that across America, in all 50 states, people from all walks of life are choosing JA Home Sales “Done For You” to help them realize their financial dreams and retirement goals.

A More Sophisticated Approach To Wealth

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JA “Done For You Real Estate” mission is to help its clients create, manage, protect and grow their wealth. Done For You’s complete wealth blueprint demonstrates how to secure and enjoy investment and retirement income that you control, and
allows you to:

Reallocate assets into the most effective real estate markets to match your priorities – maximum equity

• Generate income to acquire the assets necessary to invest in real estate.

• Manage your money with potentially tax-free growth.

• Know when to buy, sell and transition to other markets.

• Create reliable income that you can depend on for your retirement.

• Protect your assets with LLCs and customized estate plans.

• Leverage specialized insurance