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JA Home Sales was established in 1999. Starting out in the Brooklyn community the agency has since expanded their coverage through out the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island as a full service Real Estate Brokerage Agency.

The real estate industry has changed drastically in the past several years thus making the market more dynamic than ever. In keeping with technology and the times we have develop a number of new and better way to service our customers.

Now you can invest in real estate on a national basis without leaving the comfort of your own home if that is your desire.  With our “Do It Yourself Realty Investment Division” you can now build a real estate portfolio in five premium markets with our experts holding your hand as much or as little you want through out the entire process from beginning to end of each and every real estate purchase.  You are no longer tied to your local real estate market.  Now you can invest where the market is best and be able to take full advantage without any of the traditional drawbacks such as the cost and expense of travel along with all the other extra expenses tied to finding properties outside your resident market.

John Workman, PhD.
JA Home Sales, Inc.
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